Tungstic Acid Patent

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Processes for the Production of Tungstic Acid Tungstic acid may be prepared froma crude tungstate which contains more or less considerable quantities of other heavy metals, including molybdenum which has been considered particularly difficult to remove.

Process of Recovering Tungstic Acid Catalyst This invention relates to a process for recovering, in a precipitated state, tungstic acid from solutions resulting from the oxidizing of organic compounds with hydrogen peroxide and containing a soluble form of tungstic acid as a catalyst.

Method for Purifying Tungstic Acid This invention relates to a process for producing tungstic acid of a high degree of purity such as that of quality suitable for use in the manufacture of certain fluorescent tungstates (phosphors) The invention consists in certain new and novel steps and processes hereinafter described.

Process for the Production of Tungstic Acid This invention relates to a process for the production of tungstic acid, H WO It is particularly directed to providing a hydrometallurgical process for the treatment of tungsten bearing materials, such as ores and concentrates, which contain tungsten, such as in the form of scheelite, calcium tungstate, CaWO wolframite, an iron-manganese tungstate having the general formula (Fe-Mu)WO ferberite, FeW 0. huebnerite, MnO-W0 and impure tungstic acid, to produce tungstic acid sub stantially free from impurities which can, if desired, be converted to tungsten oxide, W0 of high purity, by known procedures.

Method of Recovering Tungstic Acid Values from Aqueous Media This invention relates to methods of oxidizing olefinically unsaturated compounds with hydrogen peroxide utilizing a tungstic acid catalyst. It more particularly deals with the recovery and effective utilization of the tungstic acid catalyst in conjunction with such oxidations.

Recovery of Tungstic Acid from It Ores This invention relates to the extraction of tungstic acid from its ores and, more particularly, to the extraction of those tungsten ores which are not amenable to concentration to any large degree by physical methods such as gravity concentration; flotation, magnetic concentration or separation and the like.

Tungstic Acid Powder Consisting of Spherical Tungsten Particles and Method for Producing Same The invention concerns a process for the production of tungstic acid H2WO4, tungstic acid obtainable in this way having a high bulk density and its use for the production of tungsten metal powder.