Tungstic Acid Mordant

The mordant is the substance which is dyeing a fabric by dyeing some kinds of intermediary material. Acid mordant dyes used in dyeing wool fabric mordant, mainly are dichromate, aluminum, copper and cobalt salts. Acid metal complex dyes have introduced metal atoms in the manufacture, and there is no need to add other mordant. Generally speaking, the fabric can only complex with the mordant dye and to make it firmly dyed in the fiber of certain metal compounds, such as potassium dichromate. The organic compounds which can make basic dyes dyeable on cellulosic fibers is also known as "mordant", such as tannins.

There are many types of tungstic acid, with a wealth of colors, which can be used for mordant. Also it has overcome the disadvantages of strong mordant targeted and single product direction by adjusting the composition and dosage of mordant, thus to be suitable for a variety of mordant dyes with good market prospect.

tungstic acid paint image tungstic acid paint image

In addition, tungstic acid can also be used as pigments, dyes, inks.

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