Tungstic Acid
Tungstic Acid
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Tungstic Acid Application

 Uses :

Production of tungsten metal and its derivatives, Fire proofing fabrics and cellulose, Reagent for uric acid, Alkaloids, Plasma proteins, Blood sugar, Clinical analysis of blood, Textile (mordant, color resist) plastics, To form metal by reduction, Alloys, Preparation of tungstate for x-ray screen, Yellow pigment in ceramic

Tungstic acid the most important intermediate in former tungsten chemistry, is today exclusively manufactured out of APT, in order to make use of the high pirity APT level. For that purpose an aqueous APT slurry will be treated with hydrochloric acid.By that tungstic acid is precipitated ,and afterwards filtered , washed and dried.Tungstic acid has a very high active surface and is only used in small quantities for special purposes as there are : production of ultrafine W and WC powders and production of tungsten chemicals.Tungsten acid is a fine yellow powder and is packaged in sealed

tungstic acid tungstic acid tungstic acid tungstic acid

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